Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

It's been one year since I started this blog. Can you believe it? I surely can't! And what a year it's been. Let's briefly review:

July 2008: I was just starting my very 1st IVF cycle, after numerous failed Clomid, Follistim & IUI cycles. My first *real* blog post was about waiting to find out how well my body was responding to the stims. Then I was worried that I didn't have any decent sized follicles. Then I worried that I didn't have enough follicles period. Then I was absolutely terrified about my retrieval and everything that went along with it. Once my retrieval was over, I went back and wrote about how EVERY SINGLE THING on my terrified list just wasn't true.

August 2008: I got the best birthday present ever, a true BFP! Then, when I was 5 1/2 weeks, I found out that I was having twins! But then I started spotting around 6 weeks, so I had something new to worry about. Luckily that didn't last very long and it went away on its own.

September 2008: At 7 weeks I got to hear the twins heartbeats and see them on ultrasound for the first time. (I didn't really get to see them so well at my 5 1/2 week ultrasound.)

October 2008: I had my Neuchal Translucency, which came back totally fine, and I officially made it to 2nd trimester.

November 2008: My 100th post coincided with my finding out the twins' genders. My hubby and I discussed what to name the twins and then finally decided, but didn't tell the blog world.

December 2008: At the very beginning of the month, I was admitted to the hospital with an incompetent cervix. They put in a cerclage and then sent me home to be on modified bed rest until March. We also made it to "official viability".

January 2009: I failed my 1 hour glucose test, but then passed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I also picked a doula and decided to bank our babies' cord blood, even though we didn't actually get to use/do either. :-( The babies also made it to 28 weeks, which was a HUGE milestone!

February 2009: I was in and out of the hospital...sometimes staying for just the day and sometimes staying overnight. I also started dilating just a tad.

March 2009: I got checked into the hospital for about a week. They took out the cerclage and were expecting me to go into labor, but I didn't. They finally let me go home in time for Shabbos the next Friday. Then, the babies were born at 35 weeks & 1 day! Very scary birth, and I think my doctor really regrets letting me go home the previous Friday. B"H It didn't make any difference at all.

April 2009: My son had his bris on April Fools' Day, which was the most terrifying experience I've ever had. We had decided that my little Ford Focus just wasn't big enough for two babies, so we bought a Kia Sedona minivan. We survived Pesach with the help of our family, and I had a perfect six week checkup with the OB.

May 2009: My daughter slept through the night at only 7 weeks of age, and I had my very first Mother's Day. My sister-in-law, who had been helping us since the beginning of April, went back to Israel. I got mastitis while my family was in town and had the highest fever I've ever had. I also started an Avon business, which I am LOVING.

June 2009: I finally finished watching every single M*A*S*H episode (in order), which I had started right after the babies were born. My mother-in-law came to help us for a few weeks, which was amazing! I stopped breastfeeding and my hubby had his first Father's Day and his 40th birthday all within about a week's time. I also started a new diet, called Isagenix, which is the best diet/cleanse in the universe. I also got my first *real* post-partum period.

July 2009: My son learned how to roll from his back to his front, and my daughter learned how to roll from her front to her back. We also decided to hire an au pair, who we are SO excited to meet in August! My mom and her boyfriend came for a short visit, and then my sister and brother-in-law came right after they left.

What a year! It's truly been amazing, and if you had told me last year at this time that this is where I'd be, I probably would have either laughed in your face or burst out in tears. Happy Blogoversary to Me!
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