Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My hubby and I are in a quandry about what to name our twins. In Jewish (Ashkenaz) custom, we only name after people who have passed away, and although some people choose not to name after anyone, this is not what we would like to do. Our twins will have Hebrew names--possibly translating into English depending on the name. For example, my name is Elana in both Hebrew and English--there's no translation. But my husband's name is Shmuel in Hebrew, which translates to be Samuel in English. It all depends on the name picked. Anyhoo, both of our father's passed away in 2005, and we would like to name after both of them, but one of our babies is female and it wouldn't look nice naming her Isaac/Yitzchok or Daniel. Isaac doesn't have a female equivalent and I don't really like the names Danielle or Daniella. Thus, we are in a situation. We're trying to come up with possibilities, but if we want to keep the first letters the same, there aren't lots of choices. I came up with two female names beginning with the letter D and five that begin with Y...not all of them are great either lol. So this is what we're going to spend the next 4 months figuring out... :-) Maybe I should take my best friend's advice and name someone Baruch after our next president. HAHAHA Actually, I would use Baruch or Bracha as a name but only because it means blessed--and these babies are so much of a blessing for us that it is definitely in consideration, but only for that reason!!!

In other news, my doctor says I do not have UTI! YAY!


margelina said...

The great name game! I know whatever you ultimately choose will be beautiful and perfect! Good Luck!!

ssbean said...

Isaac Daniel for the boy maybe? Are there any others you would name the girl after. Good luck coming up with the perfect names. I agree, that whatever you two choose, will be perfect.

Cate said...

For your little boy you could call him Isaac Daniel or Daniel Isaac. I don't know any names for girls in Hebrew. But whatever you choose will be as beautiful as your children.

Blue said...

Congrats on your little boy AND little girl, thats great news!! We've also just started talking times!

Rebecca said...

I am also pregnant with twins however I don't know the sexes yet. I probably won't find out until soon after Christmas. We aren't going to think of names until we know what they are, however, my first would have been Samuel if she had been a boy so if one of the babies is a boy we probably already have a name.

Good luck picking your names! It sounds tricky!


momofonefornow said...

We only had one to name and it took months.

I am here from ICLW, may stick around a bit if you don't mind. :0)