Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Here are some more test results!

Today I had my CD3 blood tests and here's what I got:

Estradiol: 36.8 pg/ml (normal = between 25-75 pg/ml)
FSH: 6.08 mIU/ml (normal = 3-20 mIU/ml; best is under 10 mIU/ml)
TSH: 3 uIU/ml (normal = .4-4 uIU/ml)
Prolactin: 43.3 ng/ml (normal = < 24 ng/ml)

So, from here we see that my prolactin level is way out of line! :-) I have to go in for a repeat prolactin test next week to see if this was accurate. It would actually make a lot of sense if it is elevated because I have read that elevated prolactin levels can cause irregular cycles with late ovulation and light/short periods. I have both!! :-) So, I think we have our answer of why my body can't get pregnant--I have too much prolactin! Hopefully my RE will have a solution for us when we see him next week.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

S/A Results

Here are the S/A results:

Volume: 2.3ml (normal = more than 2ml)
Concentration: 95.2 million (normal = more than 20 million; best = more than 90 million)
Motility: 59% (normal = more than 50%; best = more than 60%)
Morphology: 40% abnormal (normal = less than 70% abnormal)

They say that it's best to have at least 8 million normal, forward-moving sperm per ml, and, if you do the math, my DH has at least 33.7 million per ml. :-) GO HUBBY!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Rabbi ROCKS!

So, I had an appointment with a new RE (who is totally amazing) at the beginning of the week. This is someone who my Rabbi trusts. The doctor ordered some more tests for us and said that we do need to get a semen analysis. Then we just had to wait for him to speak with the Rabbi...and my Rabbi gave the ok for us to make the appointment for the S/A!!! So, that's going to be done on Tuesday and I'll update here with the results when we get them. Until then, I'm in the TWW and hoping that I'm pregnant now. :-)