Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girlie Stuff


So, I got my first post-partum period yesterday. A few things about it now...

1) I knew it was coming, because I was SUCH A GROUCH the last few days. I even though to myself "man, I must be pre-menstrual, because I'm being such a b*tch". Now, I've had reasons to be grouchy--my hubby lost his wedding ring (which I found) and also lost the keys to the house (which have not been found) all in the same day. I still have to call the locksmith...

2) I don't have a migraine!!! No headache at all. It's really a miracle, and I think my sister should get pregnant just to get rid of the migraines...it's so worth it. :-)

3) It's actually a normal period...like heavy. I haven't had a heavy period in years...not since pre-birth control (aka my teenage years). I'm hoping this means my body has figured out that it is female and should be having normal, regular periods and might even get pregnant on its own eventually (like in 2010).

4) My hubby was shocked. He was like "it's so sudden"! And I'm like "uhhh...I stopped breastfeeding and thought my body might be trying to ovulate about 2 weeks ago, so it's not "all of a sudden".

5) On that train of thought, I don't think my body actually ovulated, because when I thought my body was gearing up for it, the OPKs all were clearly negative (I mean not even a light test line...) even though I had copious amounts of EWCM.


6) Because I don't know if I ovulated, I don't know if my progesterone was up during my "TWW" (I don't know what else to call it...). The reason I'm curious is because I actually actually was producing my own lubrication, and I wasn't in horrible pain during s-e-x. That is a change. A biiiiig change. And a good one! :-) If I don't have to have painful, natural lube-free intercourse any more, I'm going to rejoice by having s-e-x every day. lol


7) I also have to figure out birth control now. I refuse to go on any hormonal birth control, because I do not want my body forgetting to be female...again. So, it's onto other methods. Condoms are not allowed for Jews, so that's no good. (And it's not a particularly happy form of birth control for married people anyway.) I'm thinking of just using a spermicide of some type. Yes, I know it's only 70% (or so) protection, but really. I didn't get pregnant in 2 years of TTC except for a miscarriage after an IUI and a healthy pregnancy after IVF. HOWEVER, if my body has figured itself out, I might actually turn out to be fertile now. Who knows. I won't know until I start trying again. And if by some strange miracle I get pregnant while using spermicide, it's not a huge deal. At least it's 100% reversible with no side effects and won't freak out my body. I even found some suppositories which look much easier to use (and are less expensive) than foam or film...and I'm used to suppositories from taking progesterone.

That's all for now...I'll keep you posted on how my body is working.


FET Accompli said...

Congrats on getting your period - I totally get how that is very exciting and normalizing!!

A said...

Ok, you opened the door....so I had my 2nd cycle post-pregnancy this past week. I thought it was the thyroid hormone being gone, because I seriously was changing my feminine product combo - tampon with pad - every.single.hour on Friday. I was this close to calling the doctor. But I didn't faint and it finally has eased up, but anyway, it was a big deal.

Wanted to let you know I thought of you today. Bought myself some kosher matza which is the only bread I will be having while on my low-iodine diet. Will think of you every time I slather it with no salt peanut butter and jelly!

the mol said...

Sounds promising; your body could very well be more "normal" than it was. I've heard of a few people who have gone through all kinds of craziness to have a baby, only to get pregnant again on their own with no extra help a short time later.

DH has a cousin whose wife had twin girls, then another girl, and then another girl, and I think that they are all under age 4.

Celia said...

I suggest contraceptive film. It's called VCF. It's a square that you fold and insert about twenty minutes( I think 20 minutes it's been three + years since we used it) and tehn it dissolves to form a barrier of spermicide.

It's great because you have like four hours after insertion to use it. So you take care of business and it's almost as good as using nothing.

It can be a little fiddly to insert it the first few times.

Christina said...

Are you able to get an IUD or anything like that?

ssbean said...

I love my IUD, so far anyway. I understand the whole artificial lube free sex w/out pain. That was very hard on me. I always have to use artificial lubes. :-( I really hope your body has figured things out.