Monday, May 31, 2010

Who Likes Surprises?

Well, I sure do. But this one really threw me for a loop. Anyone want to guess what it is? Well, first I must say that my hubby is going to *kill* me for spilling the beans, so if you see him you must pretend as though you know NOTHING (at least until his birthday). Got that? Now then...for the surprise. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

So, what do you think? Are you surprised? I sure was. My first thought was "is this even possible? it's not. So then why on earth are there two lines?" I went to the doctor that very day to have my hCG drawn, because I needed someone to confirm that I wasn't losing my mind. At 12DPO (4/27), my hCG was 50 mIU/ml and my progesterone was 22 ng/ml. Not bad for 12DPO, and it confirmed that I really am pregnant (and due 1/6/11). But that's when the fun started... Because two days later, at 14DPO, my hCG had now risen to 178 mIU/ml (and my progesterone was up to 23.2 ng/ml). That's a doubling time of 26.20 hrs (normal doubling time is approx 48 horus). That was really shocking, to say the least.

4 days later, I had my hCG levels tested again, and they were now up to 1565 mIU/ml, even though I was only expecting 800. This is when I really started to worry. I mean really, my numbers were doubling even faster than when I was pregnant with the twins. This latest level doubled in only 30.61 hrs. Then, 3 days after that (now 21 DPO) my levels had soared to 6156 mIU/ml--doubling in 36.44 hrs. Still way under the 48 hour mark, and by now I only expected doubling in 48-72 hours! Well, my SINGLE little bean was just an overachiever. Here's the ultrasound from 6w 4d:

The baby was only measuring .38cm (6w 0d), but his/her heartbeat was 132bpm! I didn't cry when I had my first ultrasound with the twins...even when I saw those heartbeats for the first time. But with this one, I guess the whole "miracleness" of it got to me, and I burst into tears.

I still don't really believe it, but I guess the symptoms speak for themselves. Since I found out, I've been:
  • completely exhausted
  • peeing all the time
  • dizzy
  • nauseated
  • headachy
  • smelling everything
  • drooling like mad (excess saliva)
  • averse to some foods
  • thirsty
  • having weird dreams
  • moody
Now I don't feel all of these symptoms all the time, except for the exhaustion. I was not *nearly* this tired with the twins, and I don't remember feeling dizzy with them either. I'm not too nauseated, and I feel like I'm hungry a lot, but I haven't gained any weight. Well, I think that's enough for you guys to go with for now...but just know that I'm still terrified that something could happen (even though I haven't had any cramps or bleeding, and we saw that beautiful heartbeat at 6 1/2 weeks). So keep praying for a sticky baby, and I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Missed Me?

Sorry for the lack of posting, but we were out of town this week for the holiday of Shavuos. We had so much fun visiting my mom in Rochester, and it was so nice seeing lots of family! The twins were adorable, as always, and were mostly well behaved. Chana, unfortunately, suffers from motion sickness, so we have to figure out a way to get her through a long car ride without too much puke. *sigh* Luckily, Dovid doesn't get sick or we'd really have a problem. lol We had quite a long drive today due to our many stops, but we're finally home. Yay! :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walking and Other News

Whoops. I have been so bad about posting lately! Here's the news of the week:

THE TWINS CAN WALK!!!! They've been going all over the place. Slowly, but still walking. It's adorable and they do it all the time now. I can't wait to get to Rochester to show off!

I had my last final exam today, so I'm officially finished for the semester. Only 3 more weeks until summer school starts. I'm pretty confident that I pulled all A's for the semester, although Chemistry is still up in the air since I'm not 100% sure about how I did on the final exam. I believe it's enough for the A, but I'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Still no idea about the allergies, but the pediatrician should be calling me tomorrow to help me with the next steps on figuring that out. In other news, Chana threw up this morning but then was fine. Sheesh...never a dull moment here! Also, we finally scheduled our appointment with early intervention (in two weeks I believe), and Dovid has a follow-up scheduled (in June) with the doctor who saw him for the umbilical hernia so many months ago. Other than that, not much is going on...

Dovid took like 2 steps the other day, but hasn't repeated it since. I think he'll get there soon enough. Chana has started to imitate us, so she'll actually wave now! Yay!! They're also getting cuter by the minute. :-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oy Vey

Dovid had an allergic reaction to something today, but I have no idea what it was. All of a sudden the poor boy has hives all over and is turning beet red. At first Shmuel thought it might be bug bites, but this was a little too much to be bug bites. So I sent him over to a friend's house to find us some kiddie benadryl. Within 1/2 an hour of Dovid taking the benadryl the hives were gone. I'm thinking of taking him to see an allergist to find out what the heck that was all about!!!

In other news, I saw an INCREDIBLE giveaway that I wanted to share with all of you moms-to-be out there. Misaacmom is having a HUGE giveaway of a baby crib, mattress and changing table/dresser from emomrewards. Go check it out here!!!