Friday, July 25, 2008

Follie Check

The ultrasound tech today didn't seem to be the most competant, but she was very sweet. After seeing 23 prospective follies and an 8mm endometrium on my last check, I was shocked to find only 8 measurable follies and a 13mm endometrium (it's only been 3 days). In any case, my estradiol was at 840 pg/ml and I (supposedly) only have 3 follies on my left (14mm, 12.5mm, and 10.5mm) and 5 follies on my right (15mm, 13mm, 11mm, 11mm, and 10mm). I'm hoping it's just the tech having a bad day and not finding everything. We'll see what happens on Sunday (and hopefully I'll get someone else)!
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