Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're Going to Hate Me For This

Yep. If you don't live in Massachusetts and you have to pay out of pocket for your infertility tests, procedures and meds, you are going to hate me. Therefore, stop reading now if hearing about Massachusetts being the best state for infertility coverage makes you want to vomit, throw a fit or punch your computer screen. You have been warned...

Now then, Massachusetts rocks. And more specifically, my hubby's insurance rocks. Let me backtrack. My OB took a routine progesterone test yesterday to make sure it was normal, and it was low...like 7 when it should've been over 11. Dang. So I called my RE's office to make an appointment to have a chat with the doc and see if I need testing or other such things and also to see what is plan of action is for when we want to have another kid. If he says "well do IVF again" then I'll say "great, we'll see you in 2011". If he says "well start with clomid and do the whole everything all over again" I'll say "ok, let's start now since we know nothing will work till we get to IVF". :-) Anyhoo, I decided to then call my insurance company since this is a different one than what we had during all of our IF treatments and IVF. I asked my questions: how much, how many, etc. Well here's the scoop...

Cost for treatments/visits/etc. = $20 copay

Yes you heard that right. IVF = $20 copay for each visit (And I don't even think ultrasounds count as an office visit.) Wow... Then I said "well how many cycles" You get 6 IVF cycles. If you have a live birth, then that resets. So if it takes 1 cycle or all 6 but you do have a live birth at some point there, you get another 6. Sweet. :-) I believe the same goes for IUIs. No lifetime caps except for that. If you go through 6 IVF cycles and they all fail or miscarry and you have no live births, then that's it. Everything else is out of pocket. If you have a live birth, you're set. Now that is what I call infertility coverage. :-) And now you all hate me and should move to Massachusetts so you can all have babies without needing to chop off body parts to sell them in order to have the money to do IVF.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow, I haven't posted in over a week!! Good golly, bad me! Anyways, not too much to report. I did well on my first Stats exam (100%). Yay! I got a 94% on my first Bio exam, and that was with 12 bonus points...heh oops. Maybe I'd better study for the next test so I can get 112%. :-D So far so good!

The twins are doing great. They aren't doing anything new, but Dovid is getting both of his bottom middle teeth, not just one of them. Very cute. Chana has the most horrific diaper rash, even though we're using cloth diapers. It must hurt a TON, poor little baby. We're giving her more naked time, but really I wish I could find something that works extremely well, not just average well.

I started my job as an admin assistant with my old boss in her new business. LOL If you understood that sentence, you get 12 bonus points. :-D Anyhoo, she adores me and is practically begging me to start working for her more hours, but she'll have to wait until school's out for the summer. Then I can start planning classes around her rather than the other way around. Yay for being wanted!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Hubby

The other day Shmuel called me as I was grocery shopping. I missed the call, so it went to voicemail. When I checked the message, what do you think I heard? Chana and Dovid laughing at each other. After about 30 seconds of this Shmuel says "I thought you would like to hear your children laughing. I hope it makes you smile!" Now tell me, isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard???? :-) *sigh* So awesome

Anyways, Dovid is still getting his tooth. I can see it peeking through his gum. Chana, on the other hand, has 6 teeth now (4 on top and 2 on the bottom). They are just so adorable!

And now, I know you've been dying for some recent photos, so here goes:

First are 3 photos of Dovid from 1/18

Next are some photos taken on our plane ride to Baltimore. You'll notice that both twins are sleeping. Yay! :-)

In this first one you can see Ziva and Shmuel holding Dovid and Chana (respectively)

Next you can see Ziva holding Dovid

And here are two pics of Chana sleeping peacefully in Daddy's arms

Now I have some cute photos I took of the twins right before bed on 2/3

I like to call this one "I can't see where I'm going!!"

And here is Ziva holding Chana (who can now see...a little bit)

And finally, here are two pics I took before bedtime on 2/10. Both twins are wearing bows made by Future Mama.

Chana is giving Dovid a look that says "You look wonderful dahling!"

And here Dovid is saying "thank you" back.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Storm That Wasn't

First of all, to update on Dovid, he had another appt with the pediatrician. He weighed in and had gained over a 1/2 lb from the last appointment. Yay! The doctor then expressed some concern with one of his blood tests. It turns out that his liver enzymes were a bit high, so she wanted to do some more tests to see if it was a fluke or maybe a result of his illness. So we did another round of blood tests, which I'm happy to report all came back normal. Another yay!

Now for the storm. Yeah....what storm? On Tuesday evening the weatherman was predicting this humongous storm. Everything was going to be closed on Wednesday...workplaces, schools, everything. There was already a snow emergency even though there was no snow falling yet. So I slept in on Wednesday thinking that I was going to be snowed in, so why not live it up. I got up nice and late and sauntered over to the window to see how it looked. I saw....grass and pavement and not one tiny flake. Nothing. I'm like "where in the universe is all the snow???" Hmmmmm. So I planned my day as if nothing was going to happen, and nothing happened. Ziva and I went grocery shopping later on in the evening once Shmuel was home. By the time we got back to the car it had sort of started snowing, but I didn't even have to brush off the car. This morning there was maybe an inch, but most likely less, on the grass and nothing to be found on the roads or anywhere else. So much for the snow! Free snow day!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Dovid saw the pediatrician at the end of last week and he hadn't gained any weight in over a week. Whoops! But he wasn't vomiting all the time either, so we were kind of stumped. He did vomit once on Tuesday evening, but hadn't since then. So the doctor gave me a can of soy formula and said to try that. He got his normal feedings and didn't throw up the soy. YAY! We also noticed that he's getting a tooth!!!! It's juuuuuust peeking through, so that might have been bothering him, although would that have caused vomiting? I don't know. In any case, once the soy formula was gone we put him back on the regular stuff (although over the weekend we switched from the 0-12 month formula to the 9-24 month formula, but it's basically the same stuff just a weensy bit cheaper). And so far he's kept all of that down too. VICTORY!! lol Tomorrow he goes for another weigh-in and we just have to pray that his weight has gone up or the pediatrician will have my head. Eep.

In other news, classes are going well and I'm really enjoying it. (No, I'm not being sarcastic...I really do enjoy it.) And in my free time (haha) I'm starting on my reviews/giveaways blog. If you haven't looked at it, now is the time to do it! I already have a giveaway up and I'll have another one going up at the end of the week. There's only 6 entries right now, so there's a pretty good chance of winning. :-) http://www.thetwinners.com

And now...back to work!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Blog and Other Things

First off, I want to say a big "oops" to myself for forgetting to "commemorate" the 2nd anniversary of my miscarriage. I guess it's a good thing that I forgot about it, because it means that I've moved really far past it. It honestly didn't even register in my mind the fact that the anniversary was coming up, nor did I think about at all it until it had already passed... Thank G-d there are so many good things in my life that I can focus on now rather than the sadness of my first pregnancy.

Next, I'm going to start a reviews blog! I haven't had the time to begin reviewing things, but I want everyone to save the link and put it in your google reader. That way when I finally have reviews and giveaways up, you can get right in! The website is www.thetwinners.com, and I made it myself. I hope you like it, but if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let me know!!!