Sunday, March 4, 2018

Revisiting the Past

Since I began working at a fertility clinic I became curious about my own path to motherhood. Unfortunately I was not a very good record taker or blogger up until I went through my IVF cycle. But even then I didn't mention doing injections or anything of that nature. I knew that I had, of course, but I didn't recall exactly what my protocol was.

So, I called up my old reproductive medicine clinic and had them send me my (ancient) records. The other day I received a very thick envelope from them and spent yesterday afternoon reliving the past and all of the cycles I had leading up to the conception of the twins.

In order to get this better documented, I have put in some (many) past-dated entries into my blog. It took a bit of time, but I'm hoping this will be interesting to someone aside from myself. Perhaps my kids (especially the twins) will enjoy seeing what their mom and dad had to do in order to have them?

In either case, I hope anyone that decides to come back in time with me enjoys the trip. I started with the earliest testing that was done way back in 2007, so that is where you begin to look for new entries.