Friday, April 3, 2009


We discovered that my teeny Ford Focus just does not fit two infant carseats...unless you want to sit so close to the dashboard that you could lick it without bending over. So, we need to trade it in and get a minivan. I researched online and have discovered that the three safest minivans are the Kia Sedona, Hyundai Entourage and the Honda Odyssey. After checking prices and features, I've narrowed it down to the Sedona and the Entourage. We've already test-driven the Entourage and I'll be test-driving the Sedona on Sunday. Is anyone out there in blogland familiar with either of these two minivans? Want to give an opinion?

The twins are doing well. They feed every 2-4 hours, but since my family is so awesome, I don't have to take a night shift. :-) I am nursing, so if I skip all the night shifts it means I have to pump after the twins' morning's a VERY small price to pay for getting decent sleep. As of their last weight check, they're both just about 5 1/2 pounds, so at least we know they're gaining weight appropriately! They still sleep most of the time, thank G-d, but I think they're starting to be more alert during the daytime, so I'm going to start leaving them out of their cribs. It should be interesting!
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