Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop

This week's MckLinky Blog Hop theme is "three things you didn't know about me/us." The photographer who did our wedding decided to retire, and we bought ALL of our wedding photos on CD a few days ago, so I'm going to make this "three things" all about our wedding (Aug 27, 2006).

1) My husband has 3 brothers and 1 sister. They are all in this picture from the wedding, and I think Dovid looks like his Uncle Avram. From left to right, there's Avram (the oldest), Rebecca (the second oldest), Eliah (the middle child), Me, Shmuel (the youngest), Mom-in-law, and Joe (the second youngest and best man)

2) I had planned to only have a matron-of-honor and one bridesmaid at the wedding, because my sister-in-law wasn't sure she wanted to be "in the spotlight". But she didn't realize that without her it would only be my sister and my friend Melanie. She didn't walk down the aisle, but we wanted her in the "bridesmaid" picture nonetheless. From left to right, there's Rebecca (my sister-in-law), Shira (my sister & matron-of-honor), Me, Shmuel and Melanie (my best friend & bridesmaid)

3) In the Orthodox Jewish tradition, the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other for one full week before the wedding. This was SOOO difficult for us, as would be for any engaged couple. The first time we got to see each other was at the bedeken, where he put the veil over my face and gave me a bracha. Here are a few pictures from the bedeken, where you can see just how happy we were to see each other. Of all of the pictures from the wedding, these are my absolute favorites!

This is Shmuel's first glimpse of me in a week. He looks VERY happy. (And also like he's about to faint...)

The Rabbi is holding Shmuel up in this picture...lol Once again, Shmuel looks happier than I've ever seen him since.

Now he really looks like he's going to faint, but he's still beaming.

Oooh! Now you can see how happy I am to see Shmuel!

Shmuel is now putting the veil down. You can see how delicately he's doing it.

Looks like the Rabbi (on the right with the long beard) and our friend Moshe (next to the Rabbi) are laughing at Shmuel at how gingerly he's trying to put the veil over my face.

Yay! He did it!

This is Shmuel giving me a bracha. This is my ultimate favorite picture.

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Ooooh...lovely! I love seeing wedding snaps...love your snaps...and love the fact that I learnt a little something about your traditions!

    And oh, BTW, in our culture, the groom has to gingerly lift the veil rather than dropping it! :-)

  2. I'm so glad you shared these with us!

  3. Beautiful pictures! The last one is especially sweet, I think it's my favourite too :-)