Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I had my neuchal translucency today and they also took blood for a sequential screen. Baby A measured 5.32cm (12w 0d), had a heart rate of 161bpm and the neuchal fold measured .84mm. Baby B measured 5.99cm (12w 4d), had a heart rate of 143bpm and the neuchal fold measured .78mm. All measurements are normal (including the neuchal folds), and baby B is even measuring a few days ahead! No idea about gender yet...and I can't put pictures up because the USB cable to my scanner decided to die. So I ordered a wireless card for the printer so I don't have to deal with my idiotic USB ports any longer. I will post the pics when the wireless card arrives.

As for the ultrasound, baby A didn't move around too much, but baby B was really having a good time. He/she was bouncing around and even looked like he/she was sucking his/her thumb! Very, very cute! Baby B has a bigger nose than baby A...that was kinda neat to see. And they have all the parts they're supposed to (and no extras lol)!
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