Saturday, October 18, 2008

2nd Trimester

The most conservative opinion as to when 2nd trimester begins is 13w 4d (today). So, I am now 100% officially in 2nd trimester (even though I've been assuming 2nd trimester status since 12 weeks lol)!!! WOO HOO!

I had an impromptu ultrasound yesterday, because I felt some pressure on my cervix and wanted to get it checked out pronto. Because it was impromptu, I didn't get any pictures or official measurements. All I can say is that my cervix is beautiful--not thinning nor opening and the babies are growing beautifully. Baby A is measuring a day behind (as he/she has been pretty much the whole time, so no surprise there) and Baby B is measuring 5 days ahead (yeesh). I've decided that Baby A has my genes and Baby B has my hubby's...I'm only 4'11", so the baby who's measuring ahead can't possibly be taking after me. lol

And the funny comment of the day was made by me during my ultrasound yesterday. I was looking at the screen and wondering why there was this HUGE bulge that seemed to be squishing one of the twins. So I nervously asked the ultrasound tech what on earth was bulging in my uterus, fearing there was something horrible in there...her answer? The baby's placenta. :-) Heh whoops! Guess I'd better stick to my day job.
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