Friday, September 7, 2007

Pregnancy Plan

So, we saw the RE today and here is the plan. First, I have already started taking Dostinex to lower my prolactin level and I will continue on that med until I get pregnant. Second, I'm going to start on 25mg of Clomid next month and they will monitor my endometrium to make sure it is not too thin. I'll also have an HCG shot to force my body to ovulate once my egg(s) and endometrium are ready. If that doesn't work or if it makes my endometrium do bad things, then we'll go for the injectibles and possibly IUI as well. Hopefully I'll be pregnant this cycle and won't have to do Clomid! (Wouldn't that be awesome?!?)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Bloodwork

I had my repeat prolactin test today and it came back with a level of 28.7 ng/ml, which means that it's still elevated (even though it's less than last time). So, my doctor has put me on Dostinex to get my prolactin level down (which will hopefully help me get pregnant really fast!!) :-) Also, I had an ultrasound which showed a 14mm follicle and a 9.2mm endometrial lining. Those both are normal for CD10!! YAY!