Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reproductive Endocinology

I had my first visit with a reproductive endocrinologist on February 1st. Even though it has only been about 6 months of TTC, my OB/Gyn diagnosed me with PCOS a few months ago and my periods have been very irregular. He had me do some blood work at that point to see if I really do have PCOS and we met with him again yesterday where he did an ultrasound. Here is what he found:

My right ovary seems to have the classic PCOS look (ring of pearls). It also appears that I ovulated recently. YAY! Based on my symptoms, blood work and this ultrasound, he confirmed that I do have mild PCOS and should continue taking Metformin as I had been prescribed by my OB/Gyn. We decided to keep trying on our own for a few months, but we can always go back if we're not successful soon.

And here are the results of my blood work:

  • FSH - 7.51
  • Estrogen - 38.7
  • LH - 17.8 (this is high from PCOS, because I was only CD 7 when it was drawn and not close to ovulation)
  • Progesterone - 0.673
  • Prolactin - 10.2
  • TSH - 1.83
  • Free T4 - 1.53
  • Total testosterone - 85.3 (anything above 82 is high, and this is down from 111 in December, so it looks like the Metformin is working)
  • DHEA-S - 391

Hopefully the Metformin will continue to bring down my testosterone levels and will help me to get pregnant soon!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RE Follow Up

I had a follow up appointment with my RE today (my first appointment was background and getting bloodwork done so I didn't post about it). We did an ultrasound which showed that my right ovary has signs of PCOS and my left ovary showed that I ovulated. :-D The ultrasound coupled with my bloodwork points to very mild PCOS. Since I'm ovulating relatively normally, the doctor says that I can stay on metformin once or twice a day and that I have the option to do clomid if I feel I need to. Also, if I'm not pregnant in a few months he can do monitored cycles as well.