Friday, July 3, 2009


My family has been BEGGING me to post some pictures of the twins, so here we go. All of these were taken today.

This is Dovid going "What are you tickling me for Mommy?" (I was trying to get him to smile...)

Here is Dovid just being...expressionless.

I just think this is a cute one.

Ooooh I found my hands!

Look, Mommy! I can hold my head up!

And here's a closeup...I look like my Daddy.

Here are two pictures of Shmuel as a baby. See the resemblence?

Chana looks like her grandma (my mom) in this picture.

Little miss smiley

Now I'm sleeping...

And you can see by the next two photos that BOTH of my children inherited my super rare one-sided dimple. :-)

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