Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Bottles

I bought new bottles for the twins yesterday and they LOVE them. If you are breast feeding and bottle feeding, these bottles are awesome. If your baby is spitting up a lot or has gas, these bottles are awesome. It's the Playtex VentAire Advanced. I bought the newborn gift set. They have two types of sets available, one normal and one with wide bottles and nipples for babies who go between breast & bottle. The nipples really are more "life-like". My sister-in-law noticed a difference with the very first feeding! I even noticed a difference! When I mix formula there's usually a ton of bubbles after shaking it up, but after shaking with these bottles the bubbles just disappear. Go out and register for it or buy it yourself! :-)

My daughter slept through the night last night! She took a bottle (5 oz) just after midnight, finished around 12:40a and then slept till 6:40a!!!! She took 6.5 oz @ 6:40 and then she didn't take another feeding until 11:30a. Just amazing! Too bad her little brother got up for a 4a feeding, but he had only taken 3 oz at the midnight feeding.

If you're wondering about the breastfeeding, I get up for the feeding between 9 and noon and nurse them both. Then I breastfeed them during the day--as many times as they need to. If I sense that they're still hungry after a full nursing (i.e. I've been sitting there for an hour and starting to get sore), we'll supplement with a few oz (less than 3) by bottle. This generally only happens much later in the day. Around midnight they start getting bottles. Sometimes I'll pump in the morning if I wake up right after they've finished a feeding and I generally pump right before bed so I don't wake up in a puddle...which happened a few nights ago. lol oops! So far this has been working. My body has adjusted to it and I seem to be producing enough for them during the day. Next time I have a baby it will be one baby and I'll be able to breastfeed full-time. (You hear that, G-d? ONE BABY PLEASE!) hehe


  1. we are using vent air too. Although we were unable to use the vent air slow nipples, Kira would NOT take them. Are you still using slow? Cause I could send you the ones I have...

    If you want them send me an email (on my blog, my profile, email me) with your address and I'll get them out to you.

    I dig the low volume of gas. Cleaning them is a little bit of a PIA but totally worth it.

  2. We used the Ventairs and loved them, Em never, ever had a problem going between breast and was fabulous. As far as cleaning them, I bought a dishwasher bottle basket, and would dump all the parts in there and run it with our normal dish load. Or I'd fill the sink with hot soapy water and dump everything in and rinse.

  3. I should have gotten stock with playtex and pampers and graco. Seems to be the most common. I use the playtex drop in, while very easy to clean, just toss the bag, and clean the nipple, I'm always looking for other options. She has no problems with gas really and absolute no problems with nipple confusion. My problem with the drop ins is we will push the air out by gently pressing on the bag and 3 times now they have busted. So, because of that I do not feel comfortable taking them out to church, or anywhere really. It's happened once to me, once to my mom, and once to hubby. I may try the ventair, I didn't know that they had them for breastfeeding. I recently looked at them, but didn't see that they had one that supported breastfeeding. That's why I haven't tried dr. browns. But born free is great too, that's what we take out in public now.