Monday, March 22, 2010

Sugar Doll Award

My blogger friend Miriam gave me the Sugar Doll Award!!! Wow, thank you!

Now then, I have to say 10 things about myself and then give this award to 10 fellow bloggers. Here we go!

10 Things About Me:

1) I am considering staying at Roxbury Community College for their associate degree nursing program instead of going to much more expensive bachelor degree program elsewhere.

2) I cannot stand learning about photosynthesis and the electron transport chain. I would rather do housework (and I hate housework)!

3) I'm hoping that my eggs are paying attention in biology class and start learning how to do cytokinesis properly.

4) I'm freaking out that Pesach is next week, so I'm pretending that it doesn't exist and maybe it'll go away.

5) The smell of my husband's cholent dinner is making me gag.

6) I wish my extra stomach flab from the twins would just go away. At this point I do not like people thinking that I'm pregnant and staring at my stomach just wondering when I'm "due". *grumble* I'm not due anytime that I know of, dammit!

7) I hate it when colleges make you pay over $5 for an official transcript that takes them $.01 to print and $.44 to mail. It's highway robbery, and I should call the cops on them.

8) I love the TV show M*A*S*H, and if you didn't already know that then you obviously weren't reading my blog a year ago when I was watching it every single day... :-) My favorite character is Radar, and I like to pretend that he's still my age even though he's really old enough to be my father (and maybe even grandfather).

9) Now that I've discovered the wonders of shopping at Market Basket, I won't shop anywhere else (excluding what I need for kosher/Pesach food that Market Basket doesn't carry).

10) I hate thunderstorms. They terrify me, especially the really big ones when they say there could be tornadoes. EEP!

I give this award to:

Sarah R @ Andrew Tales (The Little Dragon)
Celia @ Breeder Beware
Gayby Rabies
J @ Just a Pair of Moms (in training)
Mrs. Gamgee @ Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings
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Jessi @ Talk Less, Dance More


  1. Thanks, Elana! The twins are getting cuter and cuter! Happy one year to them!

  2. Thanks for the award Elana!

  3. Elana,
    Be happy! Having a little extra flab is a special badge of honor that Moms of twins get to wear. So worth it, your babies are adorable. Love, Linda (Grandma)

  4. Thank you for the award! I hope your eggs are paying attention in class too!

  5. Aw, thanks Elana! I enjoyed learning more about you. I giggled at the M*A*S*H* one (even though I have never seen it) -- because I, too, have watched shows and pretended the guys are my age even if it was something from the 80s. :)

  6. and when your kids get older, you'll discover the joys of shopping at CostCo!