Tuesday, January 27, 2009

28 WEEKS!!

My babies now have a greater than 90% chance of survival if they're born this week (and it only goes up from here)! Not only that, but I found a really cool chart that shows other preemie problems that can occur and their rates of occurrence depending on which week a baby is born. Yes, these values are for singletons, but twins generally have better chances of survival and less chance of complications than a singleton born at the same number of weeks.

At 28 weeks...

Survival: 90%
Respiratory Distress Syndrome: 65%
Intraventricular Hemorrhage: 4% (woooo!)
Sepsis: 25%
Necrotizing Enterocolitis: 25%
Intact, long-term survival: 80%

And it only gets better from here!


the misfit said...

Congratulations. It must sound insane to the rest of the world, but you have to count down as your risk drops...everyone around here knows too well how precious and fragile they are. But you're past viability! You made it!

Morgan said...

Congrats on making it to such a wonderful milestone!!