Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Genius Babies

Yes, I know. Every mother thinks her babies are the smartest. Here are some neat tricks that my twins just learned:

1) Chana learned how to roll over. I put her on the floor on her front today and she promptly rolled over onto her back. Her brother can't even do that yet, but he goes from back to front (which Chana can't do). Silly twinners.

2) Dovid figured out how to make the music turn on when you pull a handle over the vibrating seat. He actually grabbed onto the handle by himself and didn't let go for a few minutes. I'm attaching two pictures to show you:

As you can see, he looks very proud of himself. :-) I'm proud of him too! They're so "advanced" for being almost 4 months old (and preemie). Well, at least I think so. lol
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