Monday, July 13, 2009

I Give Up

Right, so Dovid sleeping on his stomach wasn't a fluke... Last night I went to check on them before I went to sleep and there he was on his tummy again. So I flipped him. No sooner were my hands gone, but he flipped right back. Mind you he was still mostly asleep. lol So I flipped him again....and he flipped back. I did this three times before saying. "Ok, Kiddo. You win. Sleep on your back, but I'm at least going to move you to the center of the crib." (Because he was flipping himself all the way to the side.) Hehe what a cutie.

Chana has no desire to flip at all. She doesn't even try when she's on her back or her front to get the other way. *sigh* Well, some babies just don't roll over and just go straight to walking. lol Actually, when we had them on tummy time during Shabbos Dovid was scootching all over the place. He would bring his knees up to his chest and then scootch, like an inchworm. He was going pretty fast for someone his age, too. Chana was also trying to scootch, but not as much. They're so far advanced.
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