Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last year...

Was my embryo transfer. I was so nervous because of the eight eggs they retrieved, only four had fertilized and then only two of them continued to grow and develop. I was heartbroken. I felt for sure that there was no way my two surviving embryos were going to turn into anything. I cried like a baby when the nurse called and said I only had two remaining (and I was at work at the time). B"H I was totally wrong. :-) Then, last year today, my two embryos were lovingly transferred back into me where they would have a chance at life (which they so gratefully took). I decided not to take the valium, but the pain of having a ridiculously full bladder was totally worth it. And the embryos didn't even fall out when I went to the bathroom! (As the nurse said they wouldn't.) And, to quote myself, "we transferred 1 real winner embryo and 1 not so good embryo that still has a chance (and we love them both the same)." Looks like my "not so good embryo" really did have a chance, and I believe that's the little girl sitting next to me...who is actually bigger than her little brother (who started out as an embryo just about twice her size).
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