Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I put Dovid on the floor for a little tummy time. After a few minutes he was tired of being on his back, so I flipped him to his front. He then spent a few minutes smiling at me in various ways and "talking". He really LOVES to "talk". He'll basically say the same syllable (ah) in different intonations and for different lengths. It's quite cute, actually. :-) All of a sudden, I'm looking at him and he starts laughing! Neither my husband nor I had ever heard him laugh before, so this was totally new...and completely adorable. He was just lying there giggling at me. SOOOOO cute. I'm so proud of him! It took both him and his sister a while to start smiling in the first place, but for his corrected age laughing now is right on track (actually, it's pretty good even for his regular age...) His sister, on the other hand, still hasn't figure out how to roll from back to front (although she's definitely getting there) and hasn't laughed yet. Oh well, every baby is different and that's just fine. I really have to get used to them doing things in their corrected age... B"H I don't have to worry about significant developmental delays (which I was terrified about after their traumatic birth...)
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