Saturday, August 15, 2009


The pierogies were a hit! Shifra even said it was like eating in a 5-star Polish restaurant, but I think she was just being nice. :-) They were even good cold today...mmmmm. So worth it, even though my arms need at least two weeks rest from any activity. Kneading and rolling the dough worked muscles I didn't even know I had, and now they're sore. lol

I highly recommend getting an au pair for anyone who is looking for childcare. It's so much less expensive than any other, and it has SO many benefits:

1) It doesn't matter if you have one kid or seven, you pay the au pair the same amount regardless.

2) The au pair is in your home and will do everything for your kids--laundry, toys, making meals, etc.

3) Your au pair is flexibile. If you work one day from 9 to 5 and the next from 10 to 6 and the next from 3 to 11 it doesn't matter. If you want to go out with your husband for a night on the town, she's there. As long as she doesn't work more than 45 hours a week and more than 10 hours in one day, it's all good.

4) You get a new cultural experience! With an au pair coming from a different country, your kids (and you) will find out all about that country, language, traditions, foods and culture. Mmmmm pierogies...

5) If you're lucky like me, you will have an amazing addition to your family who is practically like a long-lost sister. :-)

I can't think of any more right now, but I'm sure there's more.


Deborah said...

How much does it cost? What kind of space do you need to have for her to live in?

Elana Kahn said...

It varies slightly from agency to agency, but in general the agency fee is around $6000 and then you pay the au pair just under $200 per week. It's MUCH less expensive than any other type of childcare.

She really just needs a room to sleep in. A bed, dresser, closet space...the usual. Doesn't need to be fancy.

FET Accompli said...

So glad that the au pair is nice and fitting in! And glad the pirogies were a hit. The $6000 agency fee seems super high given how much the au pair herself receives!

Elana Kahn said...

Well, don't're paying for her plane ticket to and from her country as well as a week-long au pair school. Her ticket alone could be $1-2K.

JamieD said...

Wow - your au pair sounds like a perfect match! I hope it is a great experience for both her and your family.