Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Bigger...

The twins had a weight and length check today, so here is where we are. (Remember that they're technically 5 months old, but only 4 months corrected age.)

height: 25 in (50th percentile for 5 mo, 78%ile for 4 mo)
weight: 15 lbs 1.3 oz (57%ile for 5 mo, 80%ile for 4 mo)

height: 24.75 in (19%ile for 5 mo, 49%ile for 4 mo)
weight: 13 lbs 15.6 oz (11%ile for 5 mo, 35%ile for 4 mo)

Chana is just so big, the doctor even said jokingly "Are you sure she was a preemie?" Dovid's just my little man, emphasis on little. hehe But, they both gained approximately a pound and a half in the last month and 3/4 of an inch. Dovid's still not gaining as much as his sister is and he is quite small, so he'll be staying on the preemie formula with extra scoops of powder. Chana is adding Zantac to her diet, because she's spitting up quite a bit. (Funny how a kid that spits up half of what she eats is gaining weight like a college student drinking beer and eating pizza.) She's also going to be on Erythromycin eye ointment to see if we can clear up her "eye goop." I noticed that it went away for almost 2 weeks after she was on IV antibiotics at the hospital, so we're giving this a try and hope that it will go away for good!



    YAY for babies getting bigger! Dovid bein a bit smaller, just makes for more snuggling time for you ;o)

    I hope Chana's eye gets better with the medicine.

  2. They are totally growing - and Dovid will grow too, he's just taking his sweet time :-)

  3. Elana, so glad to hear how big the dynamic duo is getting, but we out here in Blogsville want to SEE!! Please post Pix, Please please?
    Missing you all,
    Love, yoursisterAuntieBeh

  4. It sounds like they are both doing wonderfully. Happy ICLW

  5. oh the little peanut! Chana isn't too far off from Caiden! she was 24.5" & 17lb 10 at her 4 month. Of course she is off the chart for weight, haha! they sound like they are doing wonderfully with growth- I hope her eyes clear up quickly!

  6. Let's be honest... a lot of college students, uh, 'spit up' while gaining all that weight too, lol.

    Yay for growing abaies!!

  7. er, babies, if you can type ;-)

  8. Aw I didn't realize our girls are just about your twins' age. They're both just under 15lbs now.

    Hope the Zantac works - we're attempting that too.


  9. It sounds like they are both growing strong! I bet Dovid will more than make up for his slow start someday. In 16 years, I can see him being a head taller than Chana!

  10. Glad that they are both gaining weight nicely. Hope Chana's eye goop goes away!