Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm going to be grumpy, so bear with me for a few.

My hubby's car died, and we were thinking about getting a new one, but we just don't think it's a wise financial decision. I *was* collecting unemployment for about 2 weeks until the unemployment office decided to stop paying me. I called them up and asked what gives...they said they didn't know if my claim was valid and I'd have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for them to call me to take a statement. Why I couldn't just give one to the lady I was on the phone with, I don't know. And she was exceptionally rude. "There are thousands of people who are unemployed right now, so you'll just have to wait." I mean really, how does she know that without my unemployment check that I can still feed my family and pay my mortgage? For all she knew it might mean that the babies don't get formula or diapers! Nope, no heart. (Thank G-d everyone will still eat, but it will not be a happy place until I get money coming in.)

With no second car, it means my husband has to take public transportation to and from work. Sometimes he's working until 10pm, so I will actually have to go and pick him up on those days. I just can't have him walking to the subway that late in the city. And it takes him longer to get to work in the morning, so he has to leave earlier...sometimes that means he has to get up hours earlier so he can feed the twins, pray and get to work on time. And a lot of the time he's already late for something because the babies don't have the best eating schedule. I'm going to check with him in the morning and see if maybe using a ZipCar might work better than the subway sometimes.

My weight loss is driving me crazy. I do great during the week and then on Thursday, Friday and Saturday I gain back all I've lost in the past week. So then I have to pray like mad that I lose it all again on Sunday and Monday. Seriously I want to scream! I just wish I didn't get so ravenously hungry on the weekends. :-(


  1. You need the energy right now, your body is just letting you know that and doing what it needs to do to get that energy. Don't be so hard on yourself.

    Sorry about your situation, or really, your hubby's. That sucks.

    (p.s.... I don't know the bingo clue. I suck.)

  2. My suggestion:

    1. Find the copy of Happiness by Rabbi Pliskin you have in your house.

    2. Read a few chapters.

    3. Delete this post.

    4. Write a new post about something positive (your wonderful babies, your amazing hubby, how you managed to change your bad mood into a good one, etc.)

  3. Sounds like things are frustrating right now - I agree with Nancy, don't be too hard on yourself!!

  4. I am so sorry - you can be grumpy here anytime. That is what we are here for!

    We had to get a new car for Hubby a few weeks ago. I was really hoping the ol' Honda would last until after my maternity leave but she couldn't hold out. Bless her heart, she tried.

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