Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Web Hosting

I’m taking over a business from my mom, which I’m really excited about. The first thing I had to do, however, was get a website…something my mom never had. I went completely crazy trying to find website hosting that wouldn’t break the bank. Unfortunately the domain name I really wanted wasn’t available and I couldn’t find any way to get in contact with the person who owned it, so I had to settle on something else. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to get my preferred domain name when it’s current term expires.

Anyway, during my numerous online searches I found an excellent place to research web hosting! They have info if you’re looking for multiple domain names, free domain names, and even ways to get free Google AdWords and Yahoo Marketing credits for your internet marketing. My personal favorite, however, is their info on “green” web hosting. I’m very big on doing things the eco-friendly way, and how neat is it to know that even your website is “green”? They also have “Web Hosting Awards” which shows you the best hosting for whatever you’re looking to do: low budget, blogging, forums, ecommerce, etc. The Geeks also have blogs where you can find hosting tips, news and other info, reviews for web hosting, articles about web hosting, and tons of resources for webmasters. Once you’ve found your perfect web hosting match, you can even submit your own review to help those who come after you. Man, I love geeks. They take the work out of everything!
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