Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a Day...

Yesterday around 5:30pm I noticed that Chana had a bizarre rash (which is called Petechia, and if you read the wikipedia on it you'll probably have a heart attack like I just nearly did...) Anyway, I had never seen this kind of rash before and didn't know what it was called, so I called the Pediatrician. The doctor told me to come on in and have it looked at. So I ran my butt over to the doctor's office, and it was now nearly 7pm. They took a look at it and said "go over to Children's Hospital because it could be something serious and we want it looked at". Greeeeat. So I rushed her to Children's ER, where they took a blood test (it took them several sticks, because she's so chunky, and finally they got an IV line in her arm). They also did a lumbar puncture to take a look at her spinal fluid. So far her blood looks fine, except for an elevated white blood cell count, and her spinal fluid looks good too. But, they cannot definitively say that it's all good until 48 hours have passed. They need to rule out a bacterial infection, and the tests for that take 2 days. But let me tell you, you NEVER want to hear the word
"meningitis" come out of a doctor's mouth...NEVER. I mean just thinking of it makes you want to pass out. *shiver* Yeah, that sucked.

Anyway, as of now Chana does not have a fever or any other signs of being ill other than elevated white blood cells and this funny rash. The doctors believe it's probably a virus, but they have her on antibiotics, and she'll be under observation until all the tests come back. *sigh* So not fun at all. For all of you Jewish types out there, her name is Chana Brocha bas Elana Miriam if you would like to daven for her to have a refuah sheleyma.

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