Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bumbo seats

I decided to buy two Bumbo seats from eBay. I was looking around and they were the cheapest I found that were actually decent quality. There are some cheaper but either they didn't have a tray included or the color was fading or something like that. So that's settled. When they grow out of them, I'll get booster seats that attach to chairs.

The babies are starting to become interested in sitting up. Whenever I try to get Chana to lie down, she tries to lift her back as if she wants to sit up. She's just not strong enough yet, though. I have tried to sit them up in "tripod" fashion, and Chana actually stayed in "tripod" position for a few seconds before getting upset. They'll get there soon enough!

They're also WAAAAAY hungry...all the flipping time. I'm going to ask the Pediatrician tomorrow if we can start introducing solids, because I don't think the formula is cutting it any more. We'll see!


Sarah R said...

They're so close to sitting! I had a Bumbo seat for Andrew that I got as a shower gift--too bad he hated it! I am saving it in the hopes that Baby #2 enjoys it, otherwise it is basically brand new so I should be able to get something for it. It's back in the box right now!

the mol said...

They are probably about to grow some more!

As for introducing solids, if you are still looking to do baby-led weaning, you probably want to wait until six months. Also, many pediatricians aren't up on starting table food right away; others don't care either way. Remembering that they used to feed purée at 3 months and do finger foods by 6 or 7, it isn't too crazy.

jenn said...

Caiden is trying really hard to sit herself up too- she gets frustrated when she can't do it! My pedi said she was ready at her 4 month appointment since she pushed up on her tummy all the way & sticks her tongue out at us & can sit up with just one hand assisting. We were trying out rice & oatmeal just for fun & while she does love them- we've backed off after a week or so since the rice bound her up a bit. I'm not in a big rush to get her on solids (and it is terribly messy, haha!) If you do start them though- keep it very liquidy at first- Caiden liked it much better as a thick liquid than a real oatmeal consistency.

Lisa RM said...

I've never had a Bumbo but heard good things.