Sunday, December 27, 2009

Twin Stats

Ok, I have a few minutes to myself so I'm going to post the twins updated weights and lengths and percentiles!


weight: 19lbs 3oz (2 months ago 17lbs 14oz...a gain of 1lb 5oz)
height: 28 in (2 months ago 27 in...a gain of 1 in)

In percentiles for her age, this means...

weight: 60%ile (2 months ago 68%ile)
height: 68%ile (2 months ago 71%ile)


weight: 17lbs 5oz (2 months ago 16lbs 5oz...a gain of 1lb)
height: 27 in (2 months ago 26.5 in...a gain of .5 in)

In percentiles for his age, this means...

weight: 8%ile (2 months ago 13%ile)
height: 11%ile (2 months ago 29%ile)

So we see that both kiddos dropped in their percentiles a bit, but it's still ok. They're growing and that's what matters. Dovid is still my little man, emphasis on the little. :-) The doctor's not worried about his growth, so I'm not. Now if only I could get them to swallow the food they put in their mouth and chew, I'd be all set!


WiseGuy said...

Wishing them more and more healthy long as they are active, it is all good!

josefo Malatrova said...

can you sell me one of these babys?

FET Accompli said...

They sure are growing - even littler Dovid.

[cre] said...

Awww healthy babies!


the mol said...

Hooray for growing babies!!

Jesse goes in a week or two for his 6 month checkup. He is gigantic.

JamieD said...

You are right - they are growing and that is what is important!