Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MRI Results

So, my OB/Gyn called me today to give me the results from yesterday's MRI. First, I need to explain something. She is referring me to an oncologist because he deals with fistulas a lot more than she does and NOT because there's anything cancerous going on. If you look up cervical fistula, it can be caused by radiation therapy, certain cancers, PELVIC SURGERY and traumatic vaginal births. So the OB is NOT WORRIED about cancer, but she wants me to be seen by the best, and that's the Gyn Oncologist. Anyhoo, the OB/Gyn said that she and the oncologist looked over the MRI together and saw that the fistula only goes from my cervix to the vagina, similar to my regular cervical opening. Since it doesn't affect my bladder (or any of its requisite parts) or my colon, they decided not to even touch it. Doing surgery to "fix" the tunnel would probably do more harm than good in my case. The oncologist even said EXACTLY what I said to the OB--that it should make getting pregnant easier now that I have TWO ways to get to the uterus! Heh I'm awesome and holey. :-) Get it...holey? Anyone who knows what book that comes from gets a bonus point. Now we'll see if this theory holds true... Two holes are better than one, right?


  1. Whew! What great news!! Yup - two is always better than one! It sounds like you have a great OB. Sadly, there aren't many docs around who are willing to set their ego aside and let another doc treat their patient.

    I'm happy to hear there's to be no surgery! And congrats on your au pair!

  2. YAY for good news. You have been in my thoughts and I am so thankful to read this!

  3. Two holes are better than one! Is that how you got twins? Hardy-har-har.... :)

    Glad for the good news, Elana. I bet that's a relief.