Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Got It!

Thanks to Children's Hospital of Boston, Chana, Dovid & I all got our H1N1 flu vaccines today!!!! Let me tell you...CHoB is amazing. They called my phone around 2pm with an automated message saying that there is a clinic going on RIGHT NOW that will end at 4pm. Well, you have never seen a woman move so fast. The twins were playing on the floor, and I scooped them up, put them into snow suits, grabbed the diaper bag, made sure it had everything we might need, grabbed my purse and ran out the door. We got there at precisely 2:35pm. Not bad, eh? We walked in the door and there was a short line. We waited approx 5 minutes before they registered us. Immediately thereafter they took us straight into a room and got us started. I asked if I might also get a vaccine and the lady (who already knew the twins were 8 1/2 months) said "You just tell me they're under 6 months and it's no problem *wink*". Very cool. The twins were SOOOO good. Dovid flinched and made a sad face, but didn't even cry. Chana cried, of course. But got over it way faster than any of her other routine vaccinations. I didn't flinch at all. :-) We were in and out in less than an hour...and that included time parking (which takes like 5 mins at least to find a spot, then another 5 to get them out of the car and then another 3 to walk to the clinic), waiting and getting the shots, waiting after the shots to make sure no one was allergic, then paying for parking. I give CHoB an A+ on just being super.

Now, without further ado, what you've all been waiting for....another video! Well, I have two videos. The first is one of Chana crawling (sort of) and the other is Dovid crawling. These were both taken earlier today before we got the call about the H1N1 clinic. Enjoy!!


nancy said...

That's awesome. I just got the girls vaccinated but couldn't get Karl's because he had an ear infection. I'm hoping I can get it done at his recheck next week.

Good for your amazing timing! wow.

Morgan said...

I just got my son his the other day and felt very relieved's a nice feeling knowing they are protected!
By the way, I see you around on so many people's blogs I read so I just thought I'd drop by and check yours out hello! haha :)

JamieD said...

What cuties. Dovid is really getting the hang of it!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the videos - they are so adorable, I can't wait to see them in real life! I'll try to send the link to mom.

Marie said...

I can NOT believe your babies are already 8 months.

We got our shots the same day Conner got his two month and they hurt and we only got one. He got 3.

ssbean said...

I haven't been able to get Ellie vaccinated yet, she's been sick so much lately. Are you still able to keep Dovid on the rug? I can't even keep Ellie in a room much less on a rug. She's still doing more of an army crawl though. Chana looks like she's mastering push ups and trying to stand herself up to walk.