Monday, December 7, 2009


Law & Order: SVU tonight was about vaccinating against the measles. It was just so terrifying, because the twins aren't vaccinated yet. The vaccination isn't given until a child is 1 year old, and it's just so scary to think about them getting the disease if other kids are carrying it. Yes, I know it's not exactly going around the schools like swine flu, and I haven't heard of any cases in my community, but this episode just made me cry. *shiver* Wow... If I had been on the fence regarding immunizations, this episode would've decided it for me. Much safer to vaccinate so your kids don't get sick and so they don't get other kids sick. As one of the characters put it on the show, "It's more dangerous to drive a car than to be vaccinated against the measles." I would have to agree.

In other news, I saw Dovid pull himself up to standing a few times today, but he always went back down to kneeling before I could get the camera or camcorder. Very, very cute.
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