Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Next?

I'm not even going to mention what went down this morning...let's just say it was more of the same. Shifra is leaving tomorrow evening.

As for me, my OB/Gyn called yesterday to tell me that my test results were normal, but she wanted to see me today in her office. Why on earth would she want to see me if my tests were normal? Well, I'll tell you. The tissue they found wasn't cancer, thank G-d, but it was endocervical tissue. That means tissue that is found on the INSIDE of the cervix...and this stuff was found on my vagina. Her theory was that there's a fistula (meaning a tunnel) going from my vagina to my cervix (and who knows where else), and she needed to test that theory AND send me for an MRI. Greeeeeat. How was she going to test this? With infant formula... Yes, she squirted formula into my you know wheres to see if there's a tunnel. If there was a tunnel, it would go in the hole and out my cervix (and vice versa). And what do you know, she was right. Whoooops. She thinks that this was a result of my horrific C-Section, and she needs me to have the MRI to see where this fistula is going and how bad it is. Then she needs to have it fixed...that means surgery. ICKAROONIES!!! I was like "can I do it with a spinal, I'd rather not have general again." Hey, if it's going to suck I'd rather have it suck for a 1/2 hour than for several days, you know? So that's what it is...and now I need to find child care BADLY because I obviously won't be able to take care of them when I have surgery. Geez, why does everything bad have to happen at once? But you know, I would take this a hundred times over what she could have said (you know, the "c" word...) So seriously, I am grateful as all hell that this is all it is.
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