Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toilet Update

According to Shifra, the toilet was overflowing while she was in the other room, and the Pampers thing she was trying to use to unclog the toilet after it was already overflowing. She claims it was an accident and that it was acting of its own accord, so now I can't ask her for the money...greeeeat, now I'm out $175! And she's actually nervous it might happen again because she wasn't here to tell the plumber where the water was coming from. I may call him tomorrow and ask if he'll come back to check while she's here...and BEG that he doesn't charge me again.

In other news, I forgot to tell you that we went to the pediatrician today. The twins got clean bills of health and were weighed and measured, of course. I'll do a detailed post on that later when I'm not so upset.
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