Monday, December 21, 2009

Right O!

Ok, so I have readership!! LOL It's just that most of you are about as bad at commenting as I am. hehe Not a problem, as long as I'm being read that's cool with me.

My mother-in-law is coming to visit in a few days and my house is a pig sty. OMG!! Yiiiiiikes! GAAAAHHH!!! And I have no time at all tomorrow to do anything, so I'm pretty much screwed. *sigh* Can I blame it on the twins? Please?? :-)

Speaking of the twins, Chana is starting to think about wanting to get onto her feet the way Dovid does. It is very cute, but she hasn't quite figured it out yet. She can get onto her knees, but from there she's puzzled. I think she'll get there soon! Another reason I need to clean up the place is so I can properly babyproof. That way I can put Dovid on the floor to explore and not need to redirect his attention every two seconds. He's just so curious about everything (like his sister), so I need to get everything off of the floor that I don't want going into his mouth. This means basically everything. Plus, I have to figure out how to attach things to the wall so they don't fall over on top of him if when he tries to pull shelves down. When on earth am I going to have time to do this??? Beeeeh!!! I need you to come and help meeeee!!!!
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