Monday, December 28, 2009

G-d is Good

Yep. He really is. A few days ago I signed up for a website that has postings from potential au pairs and nannies. Some of the people on the website live in the US, some out of the US, some who want to live in your house, some who want to live out, etc. I posted our family's profile and went searching for Jewish au pairs...I didn't find anyone that really stood out. Then yesterday someone "hot listed" my family (meaning they saw our profile and thought we'd be a good fit for her). An Israeli girl ALREADY LIVING IN BOSTON!!! No specific child care experience, but she has nursing experience (which includes bathing and full care of all ages--babies to adults) and she also worked on a maternity ward (my dream job!) She came to our home for an interview today and got to meet the twins briefly. We went over the "job description" and all of that fun stuff. I just felt so comfortable talking to her, and I could tell she was comfortable with us. Shmuel and his mother also liked her, so once we have a chat with her references, I believe she's going to move before Shabbos!!! How awesome is that???

In other news, I had my MRI today. It really wasn't *so* bad, because they put me in feet first. My head was just at the very edge of the machine, and I even got to listen to my favorite radio station (sort of) through a pair of headphones. The buzzing and banging was very interesting. Whenever they would change the setting on the machine it would make a new noise. It was loud, but the headphones made it softer, and I could still hear the music even if it was a bit fuzzy and muffled. The whole test took about an hour, but I got a short break part way through. Basically, they did the whole test (about 40 mins?) and then took me out of the machine. They said that they wanted to put ultrasound gel "down there" to try to get a better picture of the fistula, since ultrasound gel shows up very well on MRIs. I asked if I could go to the bathroom first, and then they put me back into the machine (now with ultrasound gel oozing everywhere...gross). They took more pictures for about 10 or 15 mins, and then I was done. YAY! During the test I was fine while the banging was going on...I just breathed slowly and closed my eyes. I could open my eyes and look up and behind me and see outside the machine a bit, so that helped my nerves. But almost every time they changed the settings on the machine they would inch me into the machine a weensy probably a 1/2 inch, but to me felt like a ton. So I would have this panic that they were going to stick my head the whole way in, but once the noise got going I calmed down since I knew they wouldn't move me even a centimeter while it was taking pictures. The nurses and the doctor were so nice, so I felt in good hands. I have no idea what the results are yet, but I will let you know when I know!
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