Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Urgh (Sorry, but I really need to vent...)

Preface: The twins' actual pediatrician called me today to talk about the appointment we had last week...

It drives me mad when the pediatricians at the twins' doctors office tell me that Baby-Led Weaning is not recommended, that I should start them on rice cereal pronto and not give finger foods until 8-9 months. Seriously...don't tell someone that something is bad until you've read about it and you *really* know what you're talking about. Otherwise it just pisses people off.'re a pediatrician and I get that. And you're worried about babies choking. Of course you are. So am I. But babies can choke on nearly anything--including RICE CEREAL! Especially if you put the spoon too far back into the baby's mouth... With BLW you have no fear of that because the babies are putting things into their own mouths...the FRONT of their mouths, because they can't reach the back and would have no idea how to do that anyway. Yes, I realize that Dovid will be able to go onto normal formula once he starts getting solid food, but insurance is paying for his preemie formula (which he's doing great on) and it doesn't cover the regular stuff. Do I honestly want to have him on the regular stuff ($$'s coming out of my pocket) for any longer than I really have to??? Not a chance. Babies do *not* need to eat rice cereal. They do *not* need to eat mush at 6 months. Besides, do you really want your kids to eat stuff with a ton of preservatives? Not me.

Update: This is not meant to be an insult to anyone who feeds their baby with mushy baby food. It's the "norm" nowadays, and I support anyone who makes sure their baby gets fed *period*. :-) And I give big kudos to people who mush their own baby food. It's just as healthy as BLW, except in a different format.

What do I tell the pediatrician so that she'll listen to the fact that BLW is a GOOD option and something that she should be telling parents as an alternative to the recommendation for starting mushy stuff. Honestly...just because you're a doctor doesn't mean you know everything.
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