Monday, September 21, 2009


I haven't posted in a while. It's almost time for the next episode of Biggest Loser (tomorrow). lol I gained a bit of weight over the weekend because of Rosh Hashana, but I didn't do *too* badly considering how much I ate plus desserts. mmmmm dessert... Anyway, I figured it's a Jewish holiday and I'm supposed to be happy and eat well. So I did. :-) Now I just have to get on the Wii Fit and lose it again. And make sure I don't do too badly during Sukkos... But if Dovid keeps trying to eat me, I may not have to lose any weight at all...he'll just eat it all off of me. lol He's being very clingy...always wanting me to hold him and not wanting to sit in a seat and just play. He's trying to grab my shirt and eat that too. Maybe he's just hungry? Well I'll go feed him then.
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