Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Pictures!

I took a ton of photos off of my mother's digital camera, but I can't possibly post them all at once...there are just too many. So, I'll give you a taste today and then more of a taste tomorrow. Also, I'll go backwards in time so my sister-in-law can see the twinners most recent pictures first. :-) These were all taken on Sept 7th...and here we go!



"Eh what?"






Chana & Dovid

"Can I suck your thumb?"

"Mmmm thumb..."

"Can I touch your face?"

"Don't look!"

"I want to hold your arm"

"Dovid, what are you doing?"


"I've got your arm again"



  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    All the best to both of them!

  2. So cute!! I especially liked the pictures of the two of them together -- they are so adorable!

  3. They are too cute for words! I especially love Dovid in his little hat!

  4. Elana, they are SO cute! Especially watching them interact like that. Yay.

  5. Wow, get a load of all that Gingy hair on Chana! Do you think she'll be a true redhead? Also, I can't tell = I thought she had blue eyes but some of the pix look like brown eyes. What's the official word?
    And Dovid in that cap is a hoot (where did you find it?).
    I hope they are getting lots of tummy time and practice balancing sitting up without the chairs? Is that in the cards soon? Give them each a big hug and kiss from their devoted auntiebeh!
    PS: Please remind them of their cousin born on 9/9/99 who is today, (9/9/09) TEN!