Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser

I am sooooooo happy that the newest season of The Biggest Loser has started!!! It's the only TV show I watch (aside from restarting my addiction to Days of our Lives). It's such a feel-good show, and I love watching all of the contestants lose tons of weight and become healthy. I also like it because it makes me feel better about myself and my weight loss. If you've noticed, I am one pound...that's it, just one pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Unfortunately I still have a crazy floppy belly with tons of extra skin, but I hope it will get somewhat better once I'm down to my ideal weight. I asked my hubby if my tummy used to look like that before I got pregnant, because I just plain forgot what it looked like. He said that it's extra skin was from the twins, and that my tummy wasn't as floppy before, which is what I thought. I just hope that it does start to look better once I'm closer to my ideal weight... *sigh* The things we women do to have children, including giving up our whole bodies, are just incredible.

Keep watching the weight ticker so you can see when I get past my pre-pregnancy weight and start to knock off more pounds. My next goal, once I get past 141, is to be less than I weighed at my first OB appointment. I had lost five pounds in first trimester, so I believe I weighed 136 at my first appointment with the doc. If I can weigh less than that when I go to see her for my yearly gyn appointment (Oct 8), I'll be ecstatic. At least I'll be *really* close.
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