Thursday, September 24, 2009


The twins had their 6 month checkup today! Here's how we're doing for height and weight:


weight: 16 lb 10.9 oz (last month she was 15 lbs 1.3 oz...a gain of 1 lb 9.6 oz)
height: 26 in (last month 25 in...a gain of 1 in)
head circumference: 41.5 cm

In percentiles for her age, this means...

weight: 66%ile (last month 57%ile)
height: 62%ile (last month 50%ile)
hc: 16.6%ile


weight: 15 lb 1.9 oz (last month 13 lbs 15.6 oz...a gain of 1 lb 2.3 oz)
height: 25.5 in (last month 24.75 in...a gain of .75 in)
head circumference: 42.5 cm

In percentiles for his age, this means...

weight: 12%ile (last month 11%ile)
height: 21%ile (last month 19%ile)
hc: 12.3%ile

Now we can see that the twins are growing! Chana is just gaining so much weight...and Dovid is just sorta gaining. lol He's just a little guy and plans to stay that way. It's also funny that Dovid has a bigger head, but he's in a lower percentile... In any case, it's all 100% on target and the doctors are really happy. They also say we can start solids, although the doctor we saw today doesn't know anything about Baby-Led Weaning and was warning me about choking and wasn't recommending it until 8 months. But I say she has no idea what she's talking about and plan to start it long as Molly says it's ok! :-D
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