Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Going Back in Time

Before we take a trip back to July in Baby Picture Land, a few things to note.

1) I went to the dentist today to have a tooth filled and I think he chipped it. Seriously it feels like there's a whole chip missing from that tooth and it's not comfortable. I'll call him tomorrow so he can take a look and fix it. Sheesh!

2) I found someone that I've been looking for for 9 years. He was a guide on my trip to Israel and I lost his email address practically as soon as I got back to the US. I did some fancy Googling (in Hebrew) and found him! Dang I'm good... If you want, I can post some neat Israel pictures in the future. For now, let's get to the babies!

First, is a picture of my mom holding both twins.

Next is Dovid

And finally both twins together.

And now back even further--to the end of April. The babies were just about one month and one week old.

Here are two pictures of my sister (Shira) holding Chana

Here is a picture of me with Chana

And here is one of me and both twins!

Just Chana

Just Dovid

And two pictures of both twins!

Coming up tomorrow--the twins' first baths and Dovid's bris...
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  1. SO cute!! I love the picture of the two of them with Chana yawning.