Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still More Pics and Other Stuff

A few thoughts for the day and then onto more pictures!

1) The tooth isn't chipped. It just feels that way, but the dentist says it looks fine.

2) The screen on my au pair's phone died. The one I just gave her 3 weeks ago and it doesn't work. Stupid phone...was brand new too. She didn't do anything to it, but the screen stopped working. Stupid T-Mobile says the phone isn't under warranty (even though it's only been used for 3 weeks) so she has to use an old one of ours. :-(

3) My hubby is sick. He's got a temperature and feels icky, so I've been playing Doctor Mom/Wife. Poor Shmuel. :-(

4) A note to Beh: I think Chana has dark blue eyes...maybe hazel? And her hair looks less gingy than it used to. It seems to be more of a light brown lately, but there's so little of it that it's difficult to tell.

Ok, now for pictures!!

This may have been the twins first bath at home (April 22), but they were already a month old so that would be a bit gross. lol Things were a bit crazy in April... Anyway, Chana obviously didn't mind her bath as much as Dovid did.

(Chana) This is fun! Can I do more of this?

(Dovid) I HATE THIS!!!

Well, maybe it's not *so* bad...

Ok, fine. Do what you gotta do.

Here are some random pictures from mid-April (going from newest to oldest)...

Love this bouncy seat!

Hmmm, this is comfy.

Yeah, not bad.

Well, it's so good I think I'll sing about it.


Hey, I'm trying to sleep here.

I like this swing.


Yep, it's a good swing.

These next few were all taken on the day of Dovid's bris, April 1st.

Here are Ron & Chana

I seriously could not find it in myself to smile. I was soooooo scared and I looked it.

This is my mother-in-law, my mother, Dovid and me. I think all of the women were pretty nervous, don't you think?

Here Dovid is being passed (by my mom) to the men's side for know. Poor guy. :-(

That's it for now!! Last photos in this series will come in tomorrow's post.
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