Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, although there are times during the day when I almost forget that I'm pregnant because of a total lack of symptoms, there are other times when I'm like "Ok, I got it! I didn't really forget that you're in there!"

Warning--the next two paragraphs discuss various parts of my anatomy, so please do not read them if you don't want to... :-)

Now then, my boobs are very uncomfortable. My boobs have never been uncomfortable before--not even during my period. But they just feel wrong, at times have little painful areas, and my nipples are unhappy too. I think (although it's hard to tell) that they may have grown a bit. They're pretty big to begin with, so it's difficult to tell if they're any bigger...but I believe that they are.

I also think I have a plethora of discharge "down there". Yes, I take progesterone suppositories, but I now only take it once a day and there's no way that the progesterone I put in last night at 11PM is still hanging around today at 6:30PM making things feel squishy.

As for a symptom I don't have--that would be morning sickness. Instead, I'm constantly hungry with no sign of nausea (yet...) I feel like I could just keep eating 24/7. I don't necessarily crave anything in particular, and I don't have any food aversions now that I wouldn't have had pre-pregnancy (I didn't like meat then and I still don't like it). I'm trying to keep a food log so I don't overindulge, but it's hard when you want to stuff your face ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
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