Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yep, today is my birthday--and it just so happens that everyone is celebrating my birthday by starting the Olympics tonight and thinks it's awesome that it's 08/08/08. (I think it's pretty awesome too, to tell you the truth...especially since I have no memories of 8/8/88 as I was only 5). And since all of you just did the math (hmmm she was 5 in 1988, so she must be 25 today...) I can confirm that I am 25 today!!

Now, here's the cool thing of the day. Towards the beginning of the Hebrew Bible, we see the story of Noah and his ark. Towards the end of that story, G-d created a rainbow in the sky as a sign of His covenant with us and to show that He would never flood the earth again. Today, as I was leaving work, I saw that it was absolutely pouring outside; however, it was also bright and sunny. So I ran outside and was thinking, "Where's the rainbow? Where's the rainbow? AHHH There it is!!" Sure enough, G-d had presented me with a rainbow for my birthday. How do I know it was mine? Well, because it's my birthday and rainbows don't exactly happen every day (and I've had an experience like this before...if you're curious, I can put that in another post). I was in desparate need of this, too. I had almost forgotten that G-d is on my side, even when I'm depressed about my situation. G-d has not left me and now I know that He has remembered our covenant and will, in turn, remember me and help me to bear children. That is the best birthday present ever.


Jewels said...

Happy Birthday!!
What a great date, and I love the story of the rainbow, It was raining here today too, but no sunshine, just a gray day.
I hope you have a wonderful Stress Free Evening.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Elana! I hope your rainbow also leads you to the pot of gold with a BFP next week! Good luck!

Blue said...

Happy Birthday!! The rainbow story is wonderful and hopeful. Just what you need! Hang on in there!

the mol said...

Happy birthday (yesterday)! Hope you had a great one.