Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Second Beta

So, I got my second beta done today! My hCG came back at 429 mIU/ml (which is more than double) and my progesterone went up to 27.5 ng/ml (which makes me VERY happy). And, as you can see by the chart, my levels are even above the high side for single pregnancies, so we may be looking at twins....eek!

The chart won't do any levels before 14dpo, so it looks a little off.


Nikki said...

Sounds good Elana - congrats! Take good care of yourself!

Jewels said...

My fingers were crossed while I waited for my computer to pull up your page. I'm so happy for you.
Oh twins would be great :)

Earl Gearl said...

Yea! Congrats on maybe having twins in there!

nancy said...

Yipee! I definitely think you have more than one in there. I'm so happy your numbers doubled in such a beautiful rate! :)

Nikki said...

Second comment, but I can't stay away from your blog! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you. Check out the details on my blog~

Sindy said...

Elana--Congrats, you will make a GREAT mom!