Friday, August 1, 2008

Embryos that Vote?

One of my more politically inclined friends has asked me if I've registered my embryos to vote yet. I answered by saying that they're not 18...they're barely 3 days old. So he wants me to register them when they're 18 days and preferrably in a swing state. :-) So then I said, well, we don't have names for them--and we don't know what gender they are. So we sat and came up with names (that will 100% change if one or both of them is born next April). Our final two are Baruch/Bracha (which means blessed) and Nissim/Nesiyah (miracles/miracle of G-d). So my two embryos will now be able to vote for our next president! (not really, but you already knew that...)

And if one or both make it to 18 days+, I will be one happy mommy.
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