Thursday, August 7, 2008

Symptom Day

Firstly, my cervix has a mind of its own and it sorta hanging out in its "medium" position (which is better than low, but not as good as high lol). Secondly, I have had the most BIZARRE taste in my mouth all day long. Thirdly, I am completely and utterly exhausted. My eyes are twitching and I'm just pooped. Fourthly, every hour or so I get a weird queasy feeling only for a few moments, but it's strange and noticeable. Not enough to feel *really* sick, but just an "ick, I feel gross" moment. Fifthly, my brain is totally out to lunch. It's just plain not working today. Sixthly, I've been feeling kinda dizzy at times too. Seventhly, I am even clumsier than usual! (And I'm pretty clumsy...) I'm dropping things, banging into walls, etc. Eighthly, (and this is TMI) I've gone to the bathroom a lot today (both #1 and #2)...

Gee, I hope all my symptoms stay! :-D
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