Friday, August 15, 2008

Doctor's Appointment and 3rd Beta

So, my doctors appointment wasn't particularly exciting--she said my spotting and cramping are nothing to worry about. I had to sit there for 4 hours waiting, which sucked, and I was terrified that something was wrong because the urine test I took was pretty light. Turns out everything is fine, beta is up to 994 mIU/ml and progesterone is up to 35 ng/ml! Here's my new chart (eep)!


ssbean said...

Hey Elana, when did you get your 2nd beta? I got my first beta on Wed. it was 14dpo O. Anyway, it was 515. DH and I are really hoping for twins. I know that we can't be sure until we see 2 on u/s. My first u/s is on Sept. 2nd. It's not a real long wait. Surely beats 9months. 9months seem like a such a long time from now, but when it you break it up from dr. appointment to dr. appointment, and throw other life things in it, I don't think 9months will go as fast as it seems.

jenn said...

wow! I was thinking I might have a possibility of more than one, but seeing your chart- I seriously doubt it! I'm only on the high side of 'singleton'!
Sorry about your wait- but good luck & great numbers!

nancy said...

wow. you totally have two.