Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who am I?

So, my assistant manager has noticed that I'm "not acting myself". Maybe I seem a bit grumpy? She has noticed my rediculously frequent trips to the bathroom and has been joking about it ("Elana, are you in the bathroom again?!?!") I also don't feel quite right...

But here's what makes me nervous. I had a twinge in my lower-left abdominal quadrant earlier in the day--and I've had it before (in non-pregnant cycles). I honestly don't recall if I had it during my pregnant cycle. And my cervical position is pretty low, which is not a good sign for me. I do have a bit of the "metal mouth" taste, but that has happened in both pregnant and non-pregnant cycles...and could be a sign of "not pregnant", since it happened when I miscarried and has happened during AF.

And for those of you wondering, I am using progesterone suppositories--although I am curious as to why everyone wants to know and would love to know why via comment. :-)


Nikki said...

I was asking if you were on Progesterone, because a) sometimes progesterone can induce AF like symptoms, and b) usually, you wouldn't start AF while on progesterone - usually.

So right now, your metal mouth or twinges in the ovary could mean everything or nothing. Unfortunately there is no way to really really tell right now.

When is your beta? You know what - I have a feeling this will work for you. Good luck!

Blue said...

Just stopping by to say good luck and sympathize about the--worrying about every twinge--thing in the horrible 2WW. I had my transfer a day after you, so know how sloooowly this time is going. Its just agonizing and nothing seems to be a distraction! I can't suggest anything to keep your mind off it - but just wnated to say I feel your pain! Best of luck!